2018 Sunday Fixtures List

F = Friendly, L = League, LC = Friendly League Cup        
15/04/2018 CLUB DAY Hampstead Norreys  F HOME 11AM confirmed 
22/04/2018 Moreton  F AWAY 2PM confirmed 
29/04/2018 Donnington  F AWAY 2PM Cancelled
02/05/2018 East Woodhay  F AWAY 6PM Cancelled
07/05/2016 Bank Holiday         
09/05/2018 Thatcham Academy L HOME 6PM confirmed 
13/05/2018 Cold Ash F HOME 2PM Cancelled
16/05/2018 Hungerford L HOME 6PM confirmed 
20/05/2018 FRIENDLY CUP / Far From the MCC (FFTMCC) Cricket Club  FC HOME 2PM confirmed 
23/05/2016 Downlanders L HOME 6pm confirmed 
28/05/2016 Bank Holiday         
30/05/2016 Aldworth L HOME 6pm confirmed 
03/06/2016 Peasemore L AWAY  6pm confirmed 
06/06/2016 Vodafone L HOME 6pm confirmed 
10/06/2018 Chaddleworth  F AWAY  2PM confirmed 
13/06/2016 West Ilsley L HOME 6PM confirmed 
15/06/2016 Highmoor CC F AWAY  6PM confirmed 
17/06/2018 FRIENDLY CUP FC HOME 2PM confirmed 
20/06/2016 Wantage L HOME 6PM confirmed 
24/06/2018 Pangbourne  F HOME 2PM confirmed 
27/06/2016 Downlanders L AWAY  6PM confirmed 
01/07/2018 Porchfield - Isle of Wight (tour) F AWAY  2PM confirmed 
04/07/2018 Thatcham academy L AWAY  6PM confirmed 
08/07/2018 Peasemore  F HOME 2PM Cancelled
11/07/2018 Hungerford L AWAY  6PM confirmed 
15/07/2018 Didcot Warriors F HOME 2PM confirmed 
18/07/2018 Vodafone L AWAY  6PM confirmed 
20/07/2016 Highmoor CC F HOME 6PM confirmed 
22/07/2018  West Ilsley F HOME 2PM confirmed 
29/07/2018 Aldworth  F AWAY  2PM confirmed 
01/08/2018 Aldworth  L HOME 6PM confirmed 
05/08/2018 Aldworth  F HOME 2PM confirmed 
19/08/2018 Chieveley  F AWAY  2PM confirmed 
26/08/2018 Bank Holiday         
02/09/2018 FRIENDLY CUP  FC HOME 2PM confirmed 
09/09/2018 East Woodhay  F AWAY 2PM confirmed 
16/09/2018 Chaddleworth  F HOME 2PM TBC
23/09/2018 East Woodhay  F HOME 2PM TBC